Our Mission

We are fiercely devoted to the fight against ototoxicity in pediatric cancer patients who receive cisplatin-based chemotherapy.

Our Passion

Young children are especially vulnerable to the ototoxic effects of cisplatin-based chemotherapy because their ears are still developing. The impact of ototoxicity may be permanent, severe, and profound—with the potential to significantly impair cognitive performance and the development of social and language skills.1

We are committed to sparing children further hardship and protecting their ears against the profound threat of cisplatin-induced ototoxicity.

Our Name

We proudly take our name from the fennec fox, a distinctively large-eared canine that is the smallest of all fox species. Fennec foxes roam the sandy Sahara and greater North African region. Their characteristic ears serve a dual purpose: they are sensitive enough to hear prey underground and also help dissipate the hot desert heat.

Children undergoing chemotherapy are going through an extraordinarily challenging time, and the loss of hearing only compounds the difficulty. Fennec Pharma, named after that resourceful and determined fennec fox, is committed to helping children at risk of hearing loss due to ototoxicity.


  1. Landier W. Ototoxicity and cancer therapy. Cancer. 2016;122(11):1647-1658.