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About Fennec

Fennec Pharmaceuticals is a small stage biotechnology company focused on the development of PEDMARK TM (a unique formulation of Sodium Thiosulfate) for the prevention of ototoxicity from cisplatin in pediatric patients.

Why Fennec?

Originating in Saharan North Africa, the fennec fox is the smallest of the foxes and uniquely adapted to high temperatures and low water environments.  It has distinctively large ears which dissipate heat and provide very sensitive hearing.  These qualities of adaptability and resourcefulness led us to adopt the fox with the big ears as our new name and logo.

Children undergoing chemotherapy are going through an extraordinarily challenging time and the loss of hearing only compounds the difficulty. Fennec Pharma, named after that resourceful and determined fennec fox hopes that PEDMARK TM will allow these children to keep their hearing and prevent permanent disability.

About PEDMARK TM  Meet Our Team

Many have asked what the fox says.

We at Fennec are far more interested in “Who can the fox help?” This is a rough desert for a child to walk across.

We’d like to give them a helping hand, er, paw.

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